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Finding the right fit.

One of our specialties at College Planning of Greater Long Beach is helping you to determine the best fit for your child both academically and socially. Our team will take a close look at the students passions, interests, and skill sets in order to eliminate the colleges where they will not excel and narrow in on ones that will lead to a fulfilling college experience.

Our 3-Step Process


Each client will receive a Personality Profile Evaluation that includes an advanced search of careers, majors and studies based on the student's specific interests.

Application Review

The admissions experts will review your student's application to make sure everything is correct and provide an analysis of the student's chances of admission.


The team will provide recommendations for the most cost efficient way to pay for college after calculating your EFC and financial aid eligibility. 

Making college affordable

The team at College Planning of Greater Long Beach is here to guide your family through all phases of the intimidating and complex college entrance process. Our goal is to help your college bound student choose the best college for them, make sure that you pay the minimum amount possible for college, and help you determine the best way to pay your share without killing your retirement plans. 

How to pay for college without going broke.

Are you staying awake at night trying to figure out how to pay for college? If you’re a parent of a student that is planning on attending college, the team at College Planning of Greater Long Beach will work with you to generate thousands of dollars of free money to pay for college, regardless of your income level. 


Join us at one of our upcoming workshops where we will reveal astonishing ways to beat the high cost of college that guidance counselors and colleges aren’t telling you. Hundreds of parents who have attended our workshops have discovered new secrets and strategies to send their children to schools they never thought they could afford.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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