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College Planning
of Greater Long Beach

Admissions. Funding. Retirement Preservation.

Our goal at College Planning of Greater Long Beach is to help our clients achieve 3 goals when selecting the right college. We work with you to choose a college that is:







Our Team

Established in 2004, the team at College Planning of Greater Long Beach are experts in all aspects of college planning. We address all of the most important questions families have such as:

  • How to apply to college

  • How to qualify for financial aid

  • How to choose a major

  • How to choose a career  

  • How to choose the right college


Whether you need help with career and college selection, student positioning, or maximizing financial aid, the team will work to build the perfect plan for your family and much more regardless of your income.

Paying for College &
Preparing for Retirement

For years, the team at College Planning of Greater Long Beach has not only been a resource to explain the entire complex college process, but we have been educating our community on wealth-building practices, which we believe is equally important to a financially secure future. In most cases, college is more expensive than families have prepared for. A major component of a solid college plan is to:


  1. Minimize college cost

  2. Maximize financial aid

  3. Prepare a sound financial plan to pay the family’s share of college without overpaying or jeopardizing future retirement plans


We have concluded that there is an underlining commonality with the individuals who are best positioned for financial success. These individuals have been educated on the financial principles of how to grow, protect, and transfer wealth.

"We have had a very positive experience with College Planning of Greater Long Beach, particularly by comparison with our previous attempt to select/fund college by ourselves. Our son selected his college and obtained his aid through his parents' advice. The school turned out to be an inappropriate choice and a very expensive mistake. Our daughter, two years younger, has benefited from the advice and council of our advisors at College Planning of Greater Long Beach and, as a consequence, she has several good choices and a nice package of grants and scholarship money to consider. We would highly recommend the College Planning of Greater Long Beach group for anyone who wants to target the best options for their child's college experience."

Video Series​

5 Ways to Pay for College


Is College Still
Worth It?

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